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Ready or not heres a testimony, “Good morning Pastor . I just want to thank the Lord for having His hand of protection over my life on sunday 25-09-2011. Whilst my wife was visiting relatives in chatsworth I went shopping and browsing . Whilst browsing at a hardware store, the store had a armed robbery just before closing. I was still in the store . The robbers told everyone to lay down on the floor . They went through the peoples pockets and took car keys , wallets and cellphones , but even after searching me , they did not find a thing on me . That can only be God . When I was on the floor all I did was quote ” No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper" and psalm 91 “ for He will give His angels charge over you in all your ways ” . Once again Gods Word Works .From what I can gather , I was the only one that walked out unscathed . Praise the Lord.“


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