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It was so great being at the youth meeting today, to see the faithful ones enjoy the Word of God amidst the rain and challenges of life, thank you for the youth of Faith Centre Int. for coming in today and having shared scripture on the Holy Spirit it was so wonderful to see young people gather around the Word and take warmth in the flames of God’s Word, kindled in each ones heart…the scripture that stood out for me was Hebrews 10vs29, “But its much worse to dishonour God’s Son and to disgrace the Blood of the covenant, of the promise that made us Holy. And it is just as bad to insult The Holy Spirit, who shows us God’s Mercy towards us.” Thanks to God for leadership which honours the importance of God’s Word and its power to change and heal the dying, God Bless you all and yes – you did miss out on alot if you werent there…


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