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“He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.”

(John 1:11)

Rejection cuts deep. To be rejected by one’s own family, relatives or people can cut a person to the foundation. Jephthah, son of a prostitute, knew what it felt like to be rejected (Judges 11:2). His brothers sent him away to the land of Tob simply because of his background. He had done nothing to deserve his rejection!

Often, we are rejected because of factors beyond our control. Our response is frequently like Jephthah’s: “Why do you come to me now, when you’re in trouble?” (Judges 11:7). The pain of rejection makes us lash out at those who have hurt us, especially when they reach out to us for help later on. Jesus Christ knew this pain to the fullest. The entire nation turned its back on Him, for He was “despised and rejected by men” (Isaiah 53:3).

Have you ever come to your family or relatives with a loving witness only to have it smeared back into your face? Keep loving them: one day, like Jephthah’s brethren, they will come knocking on your door.


“I thank God who is the center of my life. I therefore do not fear rejection, storms or even problems, In Jesus Name, Amen.”


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