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“…and do not be bitter toward them”

(Colossians 3:19)

Israel came to the waters of Marah, meaning ‘bitterness’ (Exodus 15:23) Distasteful experiences and feelings of being robbed and cheated can leave us bitter. Reflections of the past can pour back into our minds, spilling poison into the waters of our relationship. Esau developed a ‘root of bitterness’ (Hebrews 12:15)

Because he felt Jacob had stolen his birthright and blessing. Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law, changed her name to ‘Mara’ (or bitter) because she lost her husband and two sons through death (Ruth 1:20).

God showed Moses a tree that made the bitter waters sweet. The cross of Jesus cab be thrown into any bitter pool and its water made sweet. In their darkest hour, Paul and Silas chose to praise God in the Philippian prison, and God made their bitter waters sweet (Acts 16:25).

It is the Cross that will keep us free from the root of bitterness as well as disease-the fruit of bitterness (Exodus 15:26) Let the Cross ‘sweeten your waters’ today, be healed, emotionally and physically from the waters of Marah. 



“Dear Lord, help me to stop complaining and to start enjoying everyday life, Amen.”


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