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“He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and [there was] not one feeble [person] among their tribes”

(Psalm 105:37)

Think of the transition from rags to riches. The Israelites had lived in squalor and filth, yet suddenly they were draped in the gold, silver and jewelry of the world’s richest nation. God has a plan of financial blessing for His people. The blood of Jesus paid the price for our deliverance from the land of bondage! Consequently, we can expect our inheritance of provision. That provision begins with the Tithe (Hebrews 7:2). Just as Abraham gave the Tithe (or tenth) of the spoils of battle to Melchizedek, we give our tithes to ‘him who is declared to be living’. 

God always had His priests collect the tithe. Because we no longer have an earthly priesthood, Jesus, the great High Priest is collecting the Tithe. We give our tithes to the local church (the storehouse; Malachi3:10) and Jesus receives them. Then, just as Israel of old, we come under the covenant of God’s Blessing.

Can God bless in any circumstance? Israel received an abundance of quail, bread of heaven and gushing water in the desert. Can’t He meet our needs as well if we are obedient with our Tithes? 


“I will be obedient to the Word of God and sow my Tithe and Offerings to my local church in Jesus Name, Amen.”


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