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You are Freed to Succeed!

You will change over the months and years. This we know. But how you will change depends on your future environment, the mind food you feed yourself. Let’s look now at what we can do to make our future environment pay off in satisfaction and Prosperity.


Step One: Recondition Yourself for Success:

The number one obstacle on the road to high level success is the feeling that major accomplishment is beyond reach.

Step Two: Be Environment- Conscious  

Make your environment work for you, not against you. Don’t let suppressive forces make you think defeat. Don’t let small thinking people hold you back.

Step Three: Get Advice from Successful People:

Your future is important. Never risk it with free-lance advisors who are living failures.

Step Four: Get plenty of Psychological Sunshine:

Begin to circulate with new contacts. Discover new and stimulating things to do. 


Step Five: Throw thought poison out of your Environment:

Avoid Gossip. Stay on the positive side. Go first class in everything you do. You can’t afford to go any other way. Begin to think Big. You have a Big God and He has Big Plans for you. Begin to surrender yourself and enjoy the good life. Upgrade yourself, Upgrade your Thinking, Upgrade your Life. 


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