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“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree” (Psalm 92:12)

A cedar is an evergreen tree with hard fragrant wood. The Bible says that you will grow like the cedar of Lebanon. The cedar tree is a rugged tree. It can be mistreated or neglected, but it still grows. Its surroundings may be detrimental to growth, but it reaches and draws from its hidden resources within.

The Bible compares you to a palm tree and a cedar tree. You will grow and prosper. When God looks at you, He has increase on His mind. Your present situation may not be perfect, but you take hold of Jesus and draw from His power. You can root into the Word and flourish like the palm trees. You can be persecuted and actually thrive on it. Your family situation may be sour, but you can still come into success. Your success is not dependent upon your surroundings, but it is dependent upon your attitude and understanding of your ability to reach into Jesus Christ and live in His strength.

The Bible states that you shall flourish like a palm tree. You shall grow like the cedar of Lebanon. Expect this to happen to you. You will flourish in any environment and in whatever situation you find yourself in. Remember that the favor of God changes things. I see this favor changing things in your life. I see favor promoting and honoring you day by day. Expect good things to happen to you.


“I flourish in this earth like a palm tree. Though the winds blow with hurricane force, I remain fixed, steadfast and secure. Amen. ”


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