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We are at the brink of what would of been a dream over 2000 years ago, a Saviour comes – reigning from Heaven and walking on earth and reaches wretched and filthy souls, healing their wounds and bringing a message of hope and a new life, Christ Jesus came from Heaven and died that we might die and go to Heaven and be with Him, and the Father and all the hosts of Heaven – We have a path that has been paved of Gold, A Bible which has been secured to give us clear guidance and a God who loves us dearly, beyond our greatest thoughts of Him or ideas thereof, John 3vs16 wraps the whole message into 1, celebrate and don’t mourn cause He is alive and you also will be one with Him as you seek Him…

We invite you to be with us tomorrow from 08:30am to celebrate this wonder and beauty, our Messiah – Our High Priest, Jesus Christ. 350 Parkstation Road, Durban North, Redhill, Ritz Cinema, Faith Centre International – Call 073 0788 777 / 083 781 7000 for directions.


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