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“The LORD reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad [thereof].”
(Psalm 97:1)


The start of this verse is beautiful. It states “The Lord Reigneth”. What does it mean to reign? To Reign means: to have command, control, ascendancy, dominion, influence, power, rule, supremacy, sway and so forth.


Now we know that the Lord reigns. However, He must reign in our lives and in our midst. As we allow the Lord to have the command and sway over our lives through the Word of God, He will then reign in our midst. That is so very important to understand. This means that the Lord will have dominion in our midst. Circumstances and negative situations will then have to bow because the Lord by His Word has the ascendancy in our midst. As you allow the Spirit of God to have full control, He manifests Himself in this earth through you. He begins to Reign in and through your life. Begin to serve Him with gladness and shouts of praise.


You are to exercise dominion in your life. Stop functioning in fear and timidity. Serve the Lord with gladness of heart and allow Him to reign in and through you. This is God’s desire for you, that through His Word He will reign in and through your life each and every day.



“I am a happy man / woman. I will serve the Lord with gladness of heart and allow Him to reign in and through my life. Amen”

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