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God Enables Me To See Everything Clearly, As It Truly Is. I Have

Abundant Favor With God. I Am A Just And Righteous

Man/Woman And I Walk In Continual Fellowship With Him. All Of

My Needs And Desires Are Fully Met In Him.

I Am Blessed And I Am A Blessing. In This Awesome Prosperity, I

Have Plenty For Myself, With An Abundance Left Over So That I

Can Be A Blessing To Others.

I Am In A Place Of Abundant Favors And I Have Conferred On

Me Happiness, Joy And Prosperity. In Jesus, The Way Has Been

Opened For Me To Freely Receive God’s Help In Any Way And

Every Circumstance, It Doesn’t Matter If It Is My Fault Or Not, For

By His Grace (Unmerited,

Undeserved Favor), I Have My Father’s Word

That He Will Help Me In Every Situation.

God Has Placed A Crown of Favor And

Peace upon My Head.


Corcovado jesus


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