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“Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I may live: for thy law [is] my delight.” (Psalm 119:77)

God the Creator of Heaven and earth, is your Master Instructor. You are now a Child and friend of the Creator of the whole universe. He has delivered you from a life full of turmoil and has shown you the way to live in peace. You have now received God’s tender mercies.


His goodness has been revealed to you in His Word. By it, you have learned to retain knowledge and good judgment. Now that you have received God’s mercies, He has become your teacher. Because of this you are gaining extensive understanding of His ways and you are learning how to incorporate them into your life. Those who come against you are out to shame. I am a man/woman of the Word of God. I now make a decision to hold fast to the Word of God.


It stands firm in the Heavens and will cause you to prosper and be in health. You have received God’s mercies and therefore live a full life. God’s mercy and grace are always upon your life. Because of Redemption you have great mercies.

What does redemption mean? It means the satisfying of the claims of justice against you so that you are redeemed from the sentence that falls upon the unregenerate man. God did that in Christ for you.


“I will never fail to remember the Word of God. By it, my health never fails and I shall live a long, happy and prosperous life, Amen. “


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