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God Has Abundantly Blessed Me With Good Things Of Every
Kind. God Created Me To Live And Walk In Dominion. The Lord Has Provided Me With All The Resources In The Earth. All Things Are His, And He Has Made Me A Steward Of His Riches In The Earth.

I Have Been Called By God To Fulfill My Destiny That He Has For My Life.

He Has Made Me Great And Has Blessed Me With An Abundance Of All Good Things. All Of My Needs And Desires Are Fully Met In Him. I Am Blessed And I Am A Blessing. In This Wonderful Prosperity That I Enjoy From My Heavenly Father I Have Plenty For Myself, With Abundance Left Over So That I Can Be A Blessing To Others. I Am Living In A Place Of Abundant Favors, Happiness And Prosperity. I walk In the Power of Godís Favor. I Am Treated Well By Authorities And Through Jesus I Gain An Abundance Of

I Am Blessed Like Abraham Because I Serve The Same God. My God Is My Provider And We Both Lack Nothing. He Is A God Of Abundance Who Rejoices In My Prosperity. In Him, I Have An Abundance Of All Things. It Is God, And None Other That Has Made Me Rich. I Live A Full Life In The Lord Jesus Christ.


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