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Since I Am Justified, Acquitted, Declared Righteous, And Given Right Standing With God Through Faith, I Hold Fast To The Fact That I Now Have Peace With God Through Jesus Christ My Lord. He Himself Has Become My Peace And Everlasting Security.

Through Him, I Have Unconditional Access into God’s Incessant and Unconditional Favor in Which I Stand. I Am Now Welcomed With Open Arms Whenever I Enter the Throne Room of God. Therefore I Greatly Rejoice In The Fact That My Life Is Full Of Peace.

The Peace Of God, Which Is Beyond Human Understanding, Guards My Heart And My Mind In Christ Jesus. My Spirit

Remains in the Ascendancy in My Life. I Stay In Complete Control Over My Thought Process. The Lord Has Given Me Wisdom, Common Sense, And Extensive Knowledge, And I Have Peace On Every Side.

The Lord Has Given Me Rest. All Of His Promises Are Manifested In My Life. None Of His Promises Fail Me. Not One Word That My Father Has Spoken To Me Fails To Come To Pass.


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