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Imagine standing at the open door of an airplane that has lost its engines somewhere in mid-flight. If you stay on the plane, you will die. However, you have one chance to be saved. A parachute has been offered to you. You have always believed about parachutes … but stepping out of that plane with one on your back requires more than mental belief. It also requires an active response of your will. You must believe in the parachute to be saved by the parachute. When you step out, it will carry you to safety. Stepping out of the plane in faith without a parachute isn’t enough. No amount of faith can replace a missing parachute. Moreover, you must have the right one. A faulty substitute cannot save you. A similar step of faith is necessary for your spiritual salvation. You must do more than believe about Jesus … you must believe in Jesus. Your step of faith allows Him to save you. Be sure that you have taken that step.


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