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What will you choose?

The choice is yours. Will you put your faith in Jesus right now? Will you take that step of faith by believing in Him? No one can decide for you. No one can take that step for you. If you are ready to believe in Him, it is easy to do.

God loves us. However, our sin separates us from Him. He is perfect … and we are imperfect. The wrong things that we have done keep us from Him. That is our problem … separation from God. The good news is that He has done something about this separation. He loved us … and sent Jesus to solve the problem. Jesus, being God, died on the cross to pay for our sins. That is God’s part of the solution. Our part of the solution requires a step of faith … a point-in-time believing in Jesus. At the moment that you believe in Jesus, you become God’s child … your sins are forgiven and you are given the gift of eternal life.


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