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“Since I Have Become One With Jesus, All Evil Spirits Have Come To Know Me By Name.

They Know And Understand That I Have Been Given Complete Authority Over Them And That They Must Obey My Commands. As

A Born–Again Child Of The Living God, I Have Been Granted The Power Of Attorney To Use The Name Of Jesus.

Jesus Himself Has Given Me This Right And I Intend To Use It For His Glory. Thus through Me, The Word of God Spreads like Wildfire,

Continually intensifying and prevailing mightily. I Will Not Neglect My Gift, Which Was Given To Me By The Holy Spirit For The Edification Of The Church.

I Cultivate My Distinct Abilities For The
Benefit of the Church and Well Being
Of Others As Well As Myself.
I Remain Diligent, Giving Myself Wholly To The Things Of God

Within Me, So That My Progress Will Be Made Known And Be Beneficial To All.

I Watch My Life and Doctrine Closely, Persevering in and through them, because in So Doing, I Obtain Deliverance For myself As Well

as Those Who Hear My Message. Amen.”


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