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(Isaiah 30:23) You have Favor on your life from sun-up to sun-down. The Lord is
gracious unto you and therefore you are exalted. The Lord will guide you by His Precious Spirit and will not leave you alone.

In the midst of adversity and affliction, the Spirit of the Lord will
show you the way to go. Wherever you turn, you will hear His
tender voice saying, “This is the way son/daughter; walk in it.” His
voice leads you to a Wealthy Place. This is what causes you to be
rich and plentiful. God is faithful and He never fails His Beloved

God is indeed your Refuge and Power that sustains you. Refuse to
be afraid. Refuse to be moved with fear or to be terrified. Don’t
allow the economy to frustrate you. Your needs are supplied by the
Lord. He is your Total Source of Supply.

Keep on reminding yourself that you live and function in the
Economy of God and not the Economy of the world. See yourself as
Rich and Prosperous, because God sees you that way. Poverty and
lack is not your portion in this life.

“I am rich and have plenty and more to put in store. I am indeed living in
plentiful, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.”


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