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(PART 1)

We have authority because we have been born of flesh,and having
a body makes us legal on earth.We have been born of the Spirit
which gives us the Anointing from God.Notice the entire 10th
Chapter of Matthew is the commandment Jesus was talking about:
“Go…Teach all nations…”So we have been commanded of the
Lord to operate in authority.

You have to be a spiritually violent man/woman. You must begin to
seize the Kingdom of Heaven by skillful force, exerting all of your
resources and send the devil and his companions reeling. Jesus is
your Commander in Chief and He has given you Authority and
Power to plow every obstacle that would try to hinder you from
living a life of abundance, to the full until it overflows. You have
been commanded by Jesus Christ, your Lord and High Priest to do
the Works of God and to live a Victorious Life.

“The Lord Jesus Christ is my Commander in Chief. So as I live life I am
not afraid to execute His commands, Amen.”


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