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You are a branch of Righteousness. Hallelujah! And all the fruit you
will ever bear in life is born out of a Righteous Nature, which means
the Vine is pumping Righteousness into its veins, Righteousness is
flowing into the branch and into the fruit. You are the
Righteousness of God. Hallelujah!

God’s Word says that you are the Righteousness of God. You
function in that. You are dealing with a legal argument. You are
now living a life of Righteousness. That is my case, I am presenting
to you as the Church of the Living God, why you are the
Righteousness of God according to legalities that are found in the
Word of God. I am merely expounding to you, who you really are in
Christ Jesus. Not what I feel but I am giving to you what the Word
of God says. These are legal facts.

You have been chosen and appointed by God. The Lord makes you
what you really are. You are being joyfully molded until you
increase and bear richer and more excellent fruit. You are cleansed,
pruned and a well fed branch of the Vine because of the Word of
God. You now dwell in Jesus and He dwells in you. In other words
you are in vital union with Him. As you abide in Him, you will bear
and bring forth much fruit.

“Jesus is the Vine and I am one of the branches that come forth from Him.
I live in Him and bear an abundance of good fruit, Amen.”


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