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You’ve got to get a hold of this.Now,Jesus said something
profound in the following verse;“I am the vine,ye are the branches.“
In 1 Corinthians 1:30

“But of him are ye in Christ Jesus,who of God is
made unto us wisdom,and righteousness,and sanctification,and
redemption:”It shows us that Jesus Christ is Righteousness.Jesus is
Righteousness and He is the Vine.His Body (The believers),are the
branches.So in other words,we the members of the Church are the
He talks about us having the fruit of Righteousness.The question
that I would then ask is,how can the branch be corrupt?So Jesus
said in;John 15:5 “I am the vine,ye are the branches.” Then it tells us
in Corinthians,the fruit of Righteousness,which means,that the
fruit you bear is born out of Righteousness.So,if the vine is
Righteous and the fruit is Righteous,the branch in-between cannot be corrupt.

Do you see that?Some people think,“I’m a poor,old sinner saved
by Grace,barely making it into Heaven.” No! That’s wrong thinking.
It is erroneous doctrine.How can your fruit be of Righteousness,
the Vine be of Righteousness and the branch be corrupt?It’s a
matter of you discovering who you are in Christ.Now that you are
vitally connected to the vine, you will produce good fruits in your

"I am one of the branches connected to the vine.Jesus is the true vine and my Father is the Master Gardener,Amen.”


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