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“I am the vine,ye[are]the branches:He that abideth in me
and I in him,the same bringeth forth much fruit for with out me
ye can do nothing.”(John 15:5)

You are the Righteousness of God.Now you may not look it,but
God looks at you and says,“You are the Righteousness of God.”You
may not feel like it,but you know Salvation is not about feeling.You
don’t feel saved every day,but if someone had to ask you if you die
would you go to Heaven?Absolutely yes!

You see,it’s not by feelings,it’s by facts.You got to know the legal
aspects of your redemption.It is not a matter of whether you feel
saved.You are saved.It is not a matter of whether you feel God’s
Presence or not.You know His Presence is here.Why?He said,“I’ll
never leave you, neither will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5.That is a
statement of fact. In the Christian life you will have persecution.
However,while dealing with persecution you must persevere.You
must do everything necessary to stay in good relationship with Him,
because He is the Vine.

Now that you are a branch,expect pruning.Jesus said that every
branch that produces fruit will be pruned so that it is made to
produce more fruit.So when you encounter challenges in life,count
it worthy that it is to make you more productive in the Kingdom of
God.Jesus is the Vine and you are the branches.Always remember
that without Him,you can do nothing.

“I now boldly confess that no matter the challenges in life,I am committed
to live an overcoming life in Jesus,Amen.”


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