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Thank You…Thank You…Thank You!


First and foremost to the father and mother of Faith Centre International, Pastor Roshan and Zubeda Sing – we would like to extend our gratitude for always being alive and fresh and taking the necessary steps to make sure that our ministry is not boring and drab and there’s always new and fresh ideas and things happening – thanks for giving the Young People a platform to perform and take part in the Kingdom of God, Thanks for setting a Good and Godly Example on and off the stage – Thanks so much for last nights concert and everything that you undertake and overtake for the wellbeing of our souls. May God Bless You Richly in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

Thanks also to William Hinn for coming and sharing your life with us, thanks for inspiring us and lifting those who had lost hope and thought their lives were through…

Thanks for all those who took the step of faith and attended last nights concert – its certain you enjoyed and were touched by that wonderful service.

(Thanks to Adrian Sing, Wesley Sing and the crews that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this a success and for those who are committed and dedicated in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ and The Father’s Kingdom.)

William Hinn

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