Worry is a Waste!

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Worry is a waste. Find something better to do.

Worry achieves nothing, and it eats up your precious time. Let go of the worry, and use the time to create some real, meaningful value in your world.

Instead of worrying that the worst things will happen, work to make sure the best things happen. Instead of worrying about whether someone will give you a break, work to put yourself in a position where you don’t need a break.

It’s smart to act on your concerns, but foolish to simply worry about them. The best way out of worry is action, so find something positive you can do instead of letting the worry build.

You have the wonderful ability to act and to make a difference. As such, it makes absolutely no sense to worry.

The next time you feel worry, stop it immediately and start taking action. Whatever may or may not happen, you can turn it into something great.

Worry is a Waste! was originally published on Faith Centre International

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