Finding Your Place…

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“As a bird that wandereth from her nest, so [is] a man that wandereth from

his place.” (Proverbs 27:8)

One day I recall seeing a bird on the ground. It had fallen out of its nest

and the mother was fluttering nearby. This little bird could not fly as yet

and was struggling. This image aptly illustrates what it is to be out of

your place. As I have counseled people, I sometimes find that they are

not where they are supposed to be. Being led astray by unwise counsel,

or decisions made out of anger, they find themselves in a place where

they ought not to be. How sad! What a weak and pitiful sight.

However, “your place” your place is firstly in God, a place in The Body

of Christ. The Scripture declare that every one of us should be a

member of the body. As a member, each one of us has to fit into the

right place for that member. A hand cannot take the place of the leg. A

foot looks ridiculous at the end of an arm. You have to find out what

kind of member you are so that you will fit into the place that is

appropriate for you. God has “called you”. To be saved is to be called.

There are many Christians who are saved and who do not know their

calling. Find your place because God needs you.

Faith Confessions

“Thank you Jesus, for making me part of your body. I now boldly confess that

I find my place and my calling in you, Amen.”

Finding Your Place… was originally published on Faith Centre International

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