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Be Grateful for your Boss

In the Old Testament – we see the people of God suffer 40 years in the dessert because of ungratefulness and lack of Faith in what God had promised them, they could of reached the Promise Land in 7 Days but their mouths and actions were continually out of line in comparison to God’s Word and only after all the old folk who lacked the character of Faith had died off in the dessert does Joshua and Caleb and the Young Kids who were born into Faith go in to The Promise Land – Don’t let this be your testimony.

– Trust God and not your money.

– Honor God with His Tithe and the offering He requires of you, even in Prayer – Praise and Worship.

– Live to Glorify Him, take care of the poor – support those weaker than you.

– Your Boss at work is a Blessing to you, without them you have no job and no money – so whether he/she swears like a sailor – honor them and bless them, their character is none of your business – be a blessing to them and bless him/her even with gifts.

– Walk steadfastly in love and don’t compromise your Faith in Christ Jesus and His Word.


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