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My brother is a pilot and loves to fly aircraft. One day he asked my uncle to go with him for a ‘flip’. My uncle responded and said he would fly anywhere with my brother as long as he could keep one foot on the ground. Of course that would be impossible, but that is often how we want to live our faith lives. We want to fly in this regard, but then at the same time we want to stay connected to the safe, the known and the things we know make us feel secure.

We need to disengage or disconnect from these things. We have to have the courage to take that ‘one foot off the ground’! We are tied to so many things. But if you want to fly, you can’t be tied to the ground. We need to become detached from those things that have a hold on us. We need to be cut loose from all that would stop us. This includes things that the world may offer and also things within each one of us. Perhaps there is something that is holding you back?

Like a ship that is tethered to the harbor can never reach its purpose or fulfill that which it was designed to do, so in the aspect of faith, if we stay tethered to what ties us down, we will never fly as we were designed and purposed to. And if we do not disconnect, then often we will go through shakings that bring us to the place of release.


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