Faith As Trustworthiness

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“I will protect and bless him constantly and surround him with my love; he will be great because of me.” (Psalm 89:24)

Now let us examine this aspect, the aspect of ‘Trustworthiness’. The Hebrew word for Faith is ‘Emunah’ and the Greek is ‘Pistis’. Its primary meaning is ‘faithfulness’ and its secondary meaning is ‘Faith’.

The Words Trust and Trustworthiness, converge in the person and Nature of God Himself. God Himself is both the beginning and the end of Faith. His trustworthiness is the only basis for our Trust, and our Trust in Him reproduces His trustworthiness in us. The Word Trustworthiness, in the Hebrew is ‘Chesed’. In English, this word is translated as ‘goodness, kindness, loving kindness, mercy, etc.’ It includes God’s free and unmerited Grace and it goes beyond anything that men can ever demand as a right. Then, secondly it is always based on a covenant that God voluntarily enters into.

We may combine these two features by saying that ‘Chesed’ is God’s Trustworthiness in fulfilling His Covenant commitments, which go beyond anything that we can deserve or demand. There are two things God will never do. He will not break His Covenant or go back on what He has said. God’s Trustworthiness, imparted by the Holy Spirit, will produce the same characteristic in us. It will make us people of unfailing integrity and honesty.

Confession For Today

The Lord preserves and maintains His love for me forever. I am well established and remain secure, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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