You Shall Not Fear – Part 18

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“But instantly He spoke to them, saying, Take courage! I AM! Stop being afraid!” (Matthew 14:27)

Jesus’ ability to walk on the sea demonstrated the Power of Faith over fear. (Matthew 14:22-31). Jesus dominated the Natural law of gravity when He walked on water. Peter’s Faith enabled Him to walk on the water with Jesus. (Matthew 14:29). When Peter noticed the strong wind, He lost focus, became afraid and began to sink.

Peter had a Short Burst of Faith. In other words, his Faith did not last very long. When satan puts challenges before you, you will doubt God and allow your Faith to Waver. When you take a Second Thought about what God has said, you have granted fear access into your life. Fear produces doubt.

Feed your Faith with God’s Word. Starve your doubt by refusing to receive anything that opposes His Word. Therefore, remember that confession in this area is very important. Cast out fear from your life, in the Name of Jesus. Declare: “In my life, at this very moment, there is no fear”. There is Power in your life. There is Love in your life. And you function and operate with a Sound Mind. Your life is full of Victory. There is No Fear. Your life is run over by Abundance, Wealth, Health and Joy. Amen.

Confession For Today

The Lord has tremendous compassion for me and is more willing to provide for my every need, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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